Just in time for Summer

I've finished my lovely fair isle beanie. Hooray!!!!

Here's me wearing the finished item - I was still waking up when the photo was taken, hope there are no visible pillow creases.

And here's the inside. Please note the (somewhat) even tension of the strands (not too bad for my first fair isle project imho). The cotton around the bottom stops itchy forehead-itis.
Pattern: Brooklyntweed's Red Light Special
Yarn: Ashford Tekapo
Needles: 3.5 mm circular

I know I've been quite silly, and knitted a very warm woollen hat, just as the weather's starting to warm up. But it's not that bad, I'll get to wear it in February when we go to Japan. Now I can really look forward to that holiday.

In other news, I'm onto the second sleeve of Trellis.

But I was getting bored with the pattern. So to spice things up a bit, started working on some dishcloths for Christmas presents (it's not blocked yet).


  1. Hey there you are! Hat looks great. Trellis coming along nicely, and an early start on Christmas presents - you are totally on top of everything.

    I can't beleive how fast you knit - that trellis was just started only a week ago. It'll be well and truly done by snb November.

  2. Love the hat! Just on the dish cloths/Face cloths, Chi Wai loves his one! Uses it every day. The Trellis pattern, I think I know the one, jog my memory....

  3. I've popped in a link to the Trellis pattern - a cabled baby jacket in Rowan Cotton.

    It's amazing how much/quickly you can knit when you have no kids and a general disregard for housework!


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