Monday, 17 August 2009

Dying for Comfort

The quest to produce the ultimate piece of knitted comfort for our little llama is ongoing.

One of his favourite scarves is one I knitted out of some cream coloured angora blend handspun, that I picked up at a knitting exhibition a couple of years ago. It's lovely and soft, and he has excellent taste.

However, I wasn't too comfortable leaving him in the cot with the scarf ... he's mobile even when sleeping, and the thought of it wrapping round his neck could not be borne. So I decided to knit him a comforter with the left over yarn.

Only one problem ... it's no longer cream.

Back into the dye pot it went. And came out this lovely purple ... if I were to give it a name it would be something like Midnight Passion.

Then after some rather boring, but very practical knitting (in the same stitch pattern as the scarf) it ended up squarish, and ready for use.

Can you see the two finishing touches? There's a wrist/pram strap, and a fringe (how nice is a fringe to suck on huh?).
His third piece of knitted comfort is this fierce bunny blanket.

The pattern is from the Drops Baby collection, and can be found here. It's knitted in Shepherd Colour 4 Me. One of my favourite basic DK yarns.

I decided to embroider the face in duplicate stitch, giving it a rather scary appearance. But he doesn't seem to mind.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

And this is a holiday???

No knitting pictures this post ... we're on holidays at 'the snow' (staying at my parent's place, outside of Jindabyne).

As far as holidays go, it's been rather stressful. What have we been up to? ....

Getting up early enough to get myself and an almost 10 month old ready and in the car by 7:45.

Sharing a room with aforementioned baby who has decided that 3 wakes per night is now a minimum.

Donning layers of clothing to protect against wind/rain/snow, making it very difficult to carry a 10kg child across the carpark to the creche (especially as his super cute ski suit is slippery too).

Gradually remoulding my calves with ski boots.

And skiing from one landmark to another as the weather closes in.

Despite all this (and partly because of it), I'm still having a good time. Will be doing it all again next year.