And this is a holiday???

No knitting pictures this post ... we're on holidays at 'the snow' (staying at my parent's place, outside of Jindabyne).

As far as holidays go, it's been rather stressful. What have we been up to? ....

Getting up early enough to get myself and an almost 10 month old ready and in the car by 7:45.

Sharing a room with aforementioned baby who has decided that 3 wakes per night is now a minimum.

Donning layers of clothing to protect against wind/rain/snow, making it very difficult to carry a 10kg child across the carpark to the creche (especially as his super cute ski suit is slippery too).

Gradually remoulding my calves with ski boots.

And skiing from one landmark to another as the weather closes in.

Despite all this (and partly because of it), I'm still having a good time. Will be doing it all again next year.


  1. Have a safe ski trip, cant wait to see pics of little man in his ski clothes.


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