Thursday, 24 April 2008


Nothing to say really.

Trying to sort out exhibition knitting. I've come to the realisation that I don't work well with deadlines. When I see one approaching, I start a new, totally unrelated project.

I'm working my way through a salad bowl full of lettuce leaves. With only a little of the green wool left, I think I've figured it out! Finally! Two cherry tomatoes done, and now I've run out of 3 ply red wool. The rest will have to be needle felted (mmm speedy).

To ease me through the blandness of lettuce, I've started knitting "Rusted Root". I think I may need to adjust the name so it's more suitable for Aussie audiences.

Exhibition this weekend. Hurrah!

Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Knitting goes a lot quicker when you enjoy what you're knitting.
I enjoy cables.

I especially enjoy cables weave their way across a background of reverse stocking stitch.

I am enjoying knitting this scarf.

Started a week ago, it's a metre long already. Which is quite a feat considering that it's on straight needles, meaning no car or work knitting - only sitting on the lounge at home knitting.

I haven't looked at the pattern since the end of the first repeat. I just love watching the cables move backwards and forwards, knowing where they're going because of where they've been.

I wouldn't bother looking at the pattern again anyway, cause it's got at least 3 mistakes. Plus, there's a mistake in the picture of the scarf at the top of the pattern! That makes me annoyed.