Knitting goes a lot quicker when you enjoy what you're knitting.
I enjoy cables.

I especially enjoy cables weave their way across a background of reverse stocking stitch.

I am enjoying knitting this scarf.

Started a week ago, it's a metre long already. Which is quite a feat considering that it's on straight needles, meaning no car or work knitting - only sitting on the lounge at home knitting.

I haven't looked at the pattern since the end of the first repeat. I just love watching the cables move backwards and forwards, knowing where they're going because of where they've been.

I wouldn't bother looking at the pattern again anyway, cause it's got at least 3 mistakes. Plus, there's a mistake in the picture of the scarf at the top of the pattern! That makes me annoyed.


  1. I too lurve cables! They just seem to go so quickly! One of these days I will get up the nerve to knit myself a cabled jumper. I already have one picked out too!

  2. There must be something in the water, because I'm all cable obsessed too right now.

    Beautiful scarf, Kate.

  3. hi! how did you fix the mistakes? i'm really trying to fix row 41. that last curl of a cable on the left just isn't working. i'm not sure what to do without messing up the rest. email me (nmucciolo AT gmail DOT com) or PM me on ravelry (stitchitter) thanks! ~nicole


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