Nothing to say really.

Trying to sort out exhibition knitting. I've come to the realisation that I don't work well with deadlines. When I see one approaching, I start a new, totally unrelated project.

I'm working my way through a salad bowl full of lettuce leaves. With only a little of the green wool left, I think I've figured it out! Finally! Two cherry tomatoes done, and now I've run out of 3 ply red wool. The rest will have to be needle felted (mmm speedy).

To ease me through the blandness of lettuce, I've started knitting "Rusted Root". I think I may need to adjust the name so it's more suitable for Aussie audiences.

Exhibition this weekend. Hurrah!


  1. Make sure you take lots of pictures for me!

  2. Rusted root. Heh. When they had the knitalong for it on the sexy knitters club I laughed and laughed. Gutter humour is a favourite of mine.


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