Thread Faction Zero Waste Tour

Welcome to my stop on the Thread Faction Zero Waste Blog tour.

I am always torn with what to do with my scraps. How small is too small to keep? 

My natural inclination is to hold onto scraps, just in case. But as my kids grew, and I sewed more for myself, the scraps weren't so useful, and I started getting vicious with them. But then had occasion where those small pieces were rather useful, and I was back where I started. 

Liz at Thread Faction has helped my hoarding tendencies, with her line of Zero Waste Patterns. All the pattern pieces fit together to use large rectangles of fabric. You'll have some left-over fabric, but it will be lovely straight rectangles, easy to toss or store for the next project.

Going into the project, I had some apprehensions:

  • How would I be able to adjust the fit between sizes to get a good fit (my kids are a little leaner than standard sizing)
  • Would the clothes still be stylish?
  • Would the clothes be comfy to wear?
Looking at the patterns, there is a helpful section on how to adjust patterns to fit. So that was easily sorted. As it turned out, I ended up sewing a straight size 9 for my 10yo daughter. It meant she had a little room to grow (which is always a plus for me).

One of the perks of the Zero Waste Patterns is that all the pieces fit in one nice rectangle. This makes a rather simple job of putting together the printed pages to make the pattern pieces. No time spent guessing and figuring out which pages are needed, and how best to arrange them on the fabric.

One potential catch is that you do need to have some decent sized rectangles of fabric (no options here to position pieces to use odd shapes of fabric). Not a problem if using newly purchased pieces, but a possible issue if sewing from stash. When planning the items for this sew, I grabbed some fabric from my stash that I thought would work (and would be willing to be worn). Some stable red and white knit, and some navy broadcloth. The patterns are designed for woven fabric of a stable knit with limited stretch. Once -  I had the patterns prepared, I was a little concerned that I wouldn't have quite enough. But fortunately by baby isn't quite that big yet.

But what of the actual clothes?

Well I'm convinced that the Zero Waste Patterns are no gimmick. The patterns are full of great design details that make the most of the shapes involved.

Shoulder darts in the Zero Waste Basic Blouse for nice shaping.

Zipper pockets in the Zero Waste Joggers. Generous pockets are a must for any decent pair of pants. And this design was so much fun. I was also happy to use some shorter zips I'd picked up recently from an op-shop (how about that for zero waste).

And a nice gusset for comfy pants suitable for climbing, exploring and all sorts adventures.

It's been a while since I've sewn something for this girl. It was so nice to get back to the sewing machine. One of the biggest tests for whether she likes clothes is how happy she is to wear them for a photo shoot. And there were not protests, but plenty of smiles for these. So a win all round as far as I'm concerned.

There's a whole tour going on to showcase all the latest patterns in the Zero Waste Collection. Check out all the other stops, and see all the zero waste sewing magic.


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