Attention Span

I'm generally not very good at concentrating on just one project, but lately I'm worse than ever. It's always justifiable - I need car knitting (on circulars, as Mr W worries that if we have an accident I may cause injury to myself), car knitting for the dark (something that I don't have to be able to see very often), long-term projects, deadline projects, extra short deadline projects, play around with an idea projects, distraction from tedious stocking stitch or pattern repeat projects, fit in a small bag projects, projects to knit while talking, projects to fill in time while I try to find the missing dp to finish knitting a sock ... and so the list goes on.

So what's been on my needles the last couple of days???

Here's the beginnings of a blanket that I'm planning to knit. I'm playing with the idea of a knitted doily done in cotton, on large(ish) needles ... along the same lines as what Brooklyntwed's done with the Hemlock Blanket. I grabbed some cotton I had laying around, and knitted as far along the pattern as I could go until the yarn ran out. I reckon the blanket will work, and now I have a face washer or dish cloth to use (or bestow on an aunt as a Christmas present).

I've also been working on a blue baby cardigan. I started it a month or so ago, and am up to my first sleeve. I'm trying to prepare myself for another 'onslaught' of new arrivals. At least three friends are expecting new family members in the next 4-5 months.

And this tangled web of fine yarn will (hopefully) block itself into a lovely scarf - it's going to be a Christmas present, so I won't tell any more just yet.

Something else has come off my needles - here's a sneak peek, lurking in a bucket of woolwash.


  1. That blue baby cardigan is gorgeous. It looks like a candle flame type pattern and the yarns looks lovely.

  2. Hey Natalie. Forgot to take photos of the cardigan. The flame pattern is the scarf all stretched out. I bought the yarn off ebay earlier in the year. I've pinched the lace pattern from a skirt in the Summer 07 Intwerweave knits.


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