Christmas Baking

So, not really knitting related, but I wanted to share.

Look at what I've made!!!

2 dozen mini Christmas cakes with a royal icing star on top ... plus 3 mini loaf style and 1 normal cake size (not in the photo). We're having our Family Christmas tomorrow, and the star cakes are presents for my aunts, uncles, cousins etc. Would you believe all this cake came from one 'batch' of cake mix, courtesy of my trusty CWA cookbook. It was a monster-size recipe, I had to do it in two lots.

It was going to be dishcloths all round, but my my planning ideas were too big for my fickle fingers (that is, I got distracted with other projects). Plus, dishcloths can only entertain me for so long. Although, they do make the cleaning up process a whole lot more fun!


  1. Mmmm! How yummy looking. Not only a great knitter but a great cook to boot.


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