Christmas SnB

Oh what fun we had ...

Zena braved the car trip with her two boys. A & S are soooo cute, and they wooed the group with their excellent behaviour, beautiful eyes, gorgeous cardigans (nice knitting Zena), and general baby goodness.

I got a fair bit of knitting done - finished the knitting part of 'the blue cardigan'. No sewing up done as yet ... I'll wait until I know if it's needed (or if I need to sew buttons on the cream cardigan sitting in my 'nearly finished projects' box).

And there were presents too! I scored a monster size pack (even bigger than the beetle) of fun shaped buttons. Best of all was food. We ordered a few platters of food - fish, dips, wedges, tapas, antipasto etc etc etc, which went well with a bottle or two of red.

Although I did find the next day that I had done some really weird things on the lace scarf I'm still plugging away at. There wasn't much harm done - only two rows to tink.


  1. Hey, it's my boys! Looks like Archie is asking for a high five!


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