Hospital Knitting

Sitting around hospitals gives you lots of time for knitting. Here's what I've come up with.

Pattern: Zoe Mellor, adorable knits for tiny tots, polka dot booties and hat
Yarn: Shepherd 4 ply wool
Needles: 3.25 mm addi turbos

The booties were okay. not too many colour changes, and I could fudge the stranding across the back to avoid buckets of bobbins.

Not so with the hat. Each column of dots had it's own bobbin - 11 bobbins of white yarn to get tangled up. Now I've finished, I'm going to put the book down, step back quietly, and talk to myself very sternly if I ever think of knitting it again.

We were sad to see Mr W's grandfather loose his fight with cancer last week. But there was comfort that he was no longer plagued with pain or breathing difficulties. And even greater comfort from the words of the Bible, that his confidence in Christ means that his eternal future is secure.


  1. I'm sorry sorry to hear about Mr. W's grandfather. Cancer is such an awful thing and no matter how old the loved one was (he had a good life and all that), it doesn't make losing them any easier. I lost my grandfather to cancer four years ago and am still devastated to this day. Please pass on my thoughts to J.
    The booties and hat are gorgeous and I admire your patience. I have often looked at the bootie pattern, wanting to knit it, but decided against it because of the colour work. You've given me the motivation to review that decision. I'll steer clear of the hat though.

  2. I love the botties. I'm working on the same pattern. I'm a new knitter and I don't know how to attach the top of the bottie to the bottom. Can you tell me how you did it??


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