Look what jumped onto my needles!

I didn't mean to, it just happened. I meant to keep working on my blanket, or finishing the crochet for the bag-lady swap, but I got itchy fingers.

Here's my excuse. I need something to knit when I'm not doing the blanket - when I've only got a small time to work. If I'm going to pick up the blanket, I need a minimum of half an hour. Otherwise by the time I've tagged it, figured out where I'm up to, and moved the stitches round on the cable, it's just about time to put it back together again.

I was using the crocheted bag to deal with this issue, but I needed something else. Working on it yesterday morning, I came to an important conclusion. I'm definitely a knitting kinda gal. I don't mind a little dalliance with a hook, but it doesn't last.

So just to prove the blanket is growing. Here's a photo. After much deliberation I think I've figured out how I'm going to finish it off. I want something a bit more solid for the rim of the blanket.


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