Reality Check

I don't know what I was thinking. Problem was, I don't think I was ... thinking, that is. I got caught up in a rush of cranberry cotton goodness.

In the cold light of day reality kicked in and I knew what I had to do. Saturday night's knitting was frogged, and wound back onto the remaining ball of cotton.

Here's why it wouldn't work:

1. Cotton is not known for its elasticity. Even with me knitting the smallest size, with a few more stitches to the inch than gauge, it would have sagged and bagged.
2. The needle size on the ball band was 3.25 mm, not the 4mm that I was using. The gaps in the fabric were noticeable when sitting on the needles, and would be even more so when stretched over my body.
3. The twisted rib was slanty. I think this was cause of the way the yarn was plied.
4. My 'attributes' are not sufficient to hold up a bandeau. Yeah I was thinking I'd add straps, but still ... I had to recognise my own limitations.*

So I frogged it, grabbed a couple of magazines, my folder of patterns, flicked for a bit, and settled on the Eyelet Chemise from Summer 06 IK

The yarn used in the original is linen, so cotton should work relatively well. The needle size is spot on, and the more I look at it, the more I like it. Here's my work so far.

Not too bad for a day's work (well not 24 hours, but as much time as one can find on a Sunday when the weather just can't make up its mind, and time is taken out to eat lunch, go for a walk on the beach, go to church and hang out some washing).

*My mother inured me to the truth of my assets as soon as it was apparent I had stopped growing. After a few years wishing the 'inbuilt support' singlet tops wouldn't have creases in their 'support', I'm looking on the positive side of things. I can walk around the house (even up and down stairs) without a bra on. I can sleep on my stomach very comfortably. I don't have to wear extra reinforcement when exercising. And knitting tops/singlets/cardigans/jumpers is that extra bit cheaper and quicker.


  1. *Chants* "Finish your bag lady swap, finish your bag lady swap, finish your bag lady swap...."

    Hahahaha. Just kidding!

  2. Aw that's a shame, I've always had my eye on that bandeau pattern myself. I completely agree with you on the cotton issues though. I think the Eyelet Chemise will be a good alternative.

    Your "assets" ramble gave me a good chuckle!

  3. Kate, what your mum should have pointed out to you is that you are absolutely beautiful, inside and out.

    You made the right choice on your red knitting, that lace top is looking faboo!

  4. Hey Kate, I found you! Would you like some photos of Eden wearing your pink and green dress for your blog? I took some just in case the other day cos she just looks so so cute.


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