New Year's Day ... a little late

It's taken me 13 days, but I wanted to share what we got up to on New Year's day.

We met friends at Wattamolla (in the Royal National Park), before setting off on a walk out to Eagle Rock (something like 5 km??). It felt sooo hot. All the scrub was low-lying, so no shade. The only bonus was the sea breeze.

But the scenery was brilliant! Here is Eagle rock (can you see it?) and other rocks that I like the look of.

I'd talk about the weather, but Joe thinks I'm acting old enough by knitting.

Lunch was back at Wattamolla, followed by a swim. Boy there were a lot of people there. The beach is kinda weird ... a river/lagoon on one side of a pile of sand, and a narrow bay on the other. The sand dropped steeply into the bay, and the 'waves' were breaking on the shore. The lagoon side was like a bath - perhaps something to do with lack of freshwater, and the number of young children swimming.

I have, by now, had a real swim in the real surf. Wednesday afternoon Joe and I headed down to Bulli beach. The water was perfect - refreshing but not icy. And there were real waves, that you could dive under, or bob over, if you were far enough out. I feel like it's really summer now.


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