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Hello, and welcome to today's stop on Sewing By Ti's Blog Tour, this month with the theme .... Dress up this town.

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Now on to the sewing!

Dresses can be tricky in winter. Even with leggings, they rarely seem as warm as a pair of pants with a top and jumper/cardigan. Miss 6 loves wearing dresses, so it's always a matter of making more with long sleeves, or popping a long sleeve tee under a sundress.

All those problems (and probably more) are solved with the New York Minute Dress* by Tie Dye Diva. This dress can be sewn up in sweatshirt fleece or polar fleece, and is super quick.  Of course there are heaps of extra bonuses, but let's start with the key two points - warmth and speed.

Miss 6 had a play date approaching this week (hooray for extra kids to keep your own entertained during school holidays), so I managed to whip up two polar fleece dresses ready for a trip to the park. I like to think that sewing two dresses doesn't really take any longer than sewing one. And with this dress, it really didn't take much longer (and will be even quicker next time). We probably spent longer going over the options in the dresses, and deciding which ones to incorporate.  I made these two dresses over an evening and afternoon. They would have been finished in one go, but it was getting very late, and I know better than to try and do that 'one last thing' before bed.

Both of these are sewn up in polar fleece. The apples I have had sitting in my stash for a while. I have a feeling that once upon a time they were going to be a Potato Chip Skirt.  The woodland animals are sewn up in some rather cheap fleece that was 50% off - bargain. I used some slightly purple interlock I found at the op shop for the binding. It had plenty of stretch, but I'm not sure it has enough stability for the band at the bottom. I'll try something different next time.

Onto the dress details ...

The pattern comes with three options for neckline, two pocket options, two sleeve options, two options for the hemline and an optional hood. So many wonderful combinations. Both dresses are a 6/6X size. The girls are both 6 years old (birthdays 10 days apart), and there's enough wiggle room in the sizing that I was confident they would fit nicely.

The apple dress has a facing at the neckline (I used interlock here), sewn down in place with an overcast stitch I used for decoration.  With her small frame, the neckband option I used on the woodland dress would probably have been a better option.

The neckband is topstitched in place with a triple stitch because I couldn't be bothered getting my twin needle out.

The apple dress has a kangaroo pocket as per Miss 6's request. I sewed it on with a triple stitch which has the bonus of stretch and strength. Placement is easy with it marked on the pattern piece.

The pockets in the woodland dress are a bit like cutway circles for the openings. There's no pocket lining, just the band at the edge, then the larger pocket piece sewed into place on the main fabric to create the pocket. I used an overcasting stitch here too. It was a bit tricky getting it to go around the corners without overlapping the stitches, but it's mostly ok (and kids are usually moving so fast you can't see details like that anyway).

The apple dress has a straight hem across the bottom (triple stitched), giving the dress an A-line shape. While the woodland dress has the 'ribbing' band (in this case interlock) that brings the bottom hem in a little, creating a cocoon dress shape (this is my favourite style).

Both dresses had long sleeves, but they would look so cute in short sleeves, and allow for a coordinating tee underneath that can add an extra layer of warmth if needed.  I think I need to try the hood option too. I'll certainly be watching as the fleece goes on sale at the end of winter. The added bonus, is that this pattern goes up to a size 9/10 (starting at 12 months). So there's still a few more winters she (and most likely her friends) can stay warm in New York Minute dresses.

These two had so much fun playing together, and you can see it in the photos. The one above is where there were told specifically NOT to tickle each other.

And here are both of them doing their craziest jumps.


So much fun!

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  1. These dresses are so cute! What a great idea for the colder months.

  2. It is technically summer here in WY, but our nights get so cold that right now I'm shivering in my kitchen thinking I could use a good fleece dress, LOL. My girls love fleece dresses in the winter and wear them ALL THE TIME. Great makes.


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