Ravanna Pants

Oh my, these are pretty!

Just look, they're all flowy, and soft, and drapey (totally a word). The Ravanna Pants* by Designer Stitch have just been released.

The pants are faux wrap-around (like a stylish version of  Thai wrap pants). They don't untie, the wraps are fixed in place at the waistband.  This version has a fitted waistband, secured with an invisible zipper and snap at the top.  They have a series of darts at the top to help them fit beautifully over the hips.

There is another version of the pants with an elasticized waist band, for a more relaxed look and fit.

There are also two options for the shape of the wrap.  These are the tulip shape, with a curved front wrap. You could also go for a straight front wrap (this is a bit easier to adjust for height).

This pattern is designed for light, drapey fabrics. There are some beautiful versions sewn up in crepe during testing (have a look at the tester roundup here). These are a rayon print. There are some amazing rayon prints at Spotlight , it was hard choosing. Until these, I didn't have any patterned pants, so made the most of the opportunity to fill the hole in my wardrobe. (although I didn't realise how hard this print would be to photograph, all the photos are looking blurry, but it's just the print)

As usual, this Designer Stitch pattern is sized consistently against all the others, making it easy to adjust to fit just right. Starting with my waist size, I tapered out a size for my hips (using the marked notches to get the degree of taper consistent across both front and back pieces).  Checking my measured rise against that indicated in the pattern, I went for the additional rise of the hip size. I made up a toile first, to check fit, and figure out how much extra length I would have (3 inches, incidentally).  Using the lengthen/shorten line I took out the extra length, and smoothed out the curves.

These pants are on sale for release until 24th July.

*This post contains affiliate links, meaning at no additional cost to you, I will receive a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.  The opinions, sewing and awkward fence poses are all my own.


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