Planning for Japan

We're going to Japan in February. Flying into Tokyo, then a week or so's skiing in Nagano.

I found this great time-wasting site - KnitMap. You just enter a location, and it tells you all the yarn stores - with links to their websites, maps, opening hours and all sorts of useful information. I did a search on Abu Dhabi, and there's nothing there ... sorry Charmaine. Although, I'm guessing they only have the stores that people bother to list.

Isn't the web amazing these days. Pinku has put together a spreadsheet of yarn stores in Tokyo.
Fleegle has posted her yarn shopping in Tokyo adventures. Google maps can do all sorts of amazing things.

But I'm starting to get a little nervous. Maps of Japan are written in (would you believe it) Japanese. I don't speak Japanese. Plus, if I want to visit any yarn store, I have to convince the other 4 travellers (husband, parents, brother) that it's a good idea. Looks like it's going to be an interesting trip.


  1. I just did a double take on this entry, as, apart from the skiing part, it's almost identical to one that I've been planning to post to my own blog as we're off to Tokyo in February too.

    I actually started to get a bit panicky about getting lost in Tokyo when it took me an hour or so to locate the Japanese craft books in the Kinokuniya store in the centre of Sydney just before Christmas... ;)

  2. Aww, you could bring me along - I speak Japanese!

    I've never been to Japan though I am dying to!

  3. Thanks for looking out for me Kate! I still haven't found any knitting shops in Abu Dhabi, but I have been given some very reliable information about a few button shops. I will report back on that one.

    Have a great trip. I'm sure you can get your mum on-side to help convince your fellow travelers!


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