Raglan Party Dress

I'm a big fan of One Thimble *. And so excited for Issue 13.

Partly because of this wonderful dress! Ajaire of Designs by Call Ajaire has come up with another stunning sew (check out my posts on the  Crossover Flounce Dress, Classic Maillot and Mackinaw Coat).

The features in this dress make it something special. Raglan colour-blocked shoulders, inverted pleats (with option pops of contrasting colour), invisible zipper (and another feature on the way).  For the whales version I added piping at the bodice and shoulder seams.

Speaking of those inverted pleats??

I'm in love with the contrast of the red with the black and white. (this is an earlier version of the dress, so is oh so very slightly different to the final pattern).

There are three views of the skirt - these two show you the two 'extremes' contrast material in every pleat, and no contrast at all.  There's a third version that has the contrast pleats at the front and back only.

Let's just pause for a moment, and check out that invisible zipper. I do not recommend stripy fabric for the bodice. It's not spot on, but she rarely keeps still long enough to notice.

This is the third time I've been able to test a pattern that's appeared in One Thimble, and it's been a real privilege every time.

Confession time - this zipper isn't really that spot on - There was a bit of a pay-off between a nice tight seam, and leaving room for the piping. Considering that this girl cannot stand still while I'm trying to help her get dressed, I went for the ease of zip over flawless zipper.

And while we're at it, I feel like I need to point out  and apologise for the glowstick earrings, rainbow plaits and temporary tattoos (the latter are the reason for some interesting arm angles). There's only so much of a fight I was willing to take on the day after school fete.

One last confession - I hadn't really paid much attention to One Thimble before testing the Crossover Flounce Dress.  I guess I didn't see why I would want to pay for an e-zine.

Well, after grabbing that first copy, I asked for a subscription for my birthday. I'm well and truly converted! It's so much more than a few sewing patterns.  It really is just like a magazine, but better, cause it can sit nicely in my phone. Great to have a read while waiting for school pick-ups, during ballet, while stirring a risotto.  The articles are interesting and well written, just like a 'proper' magazine. And most importantly, the patterns have always been stunning, and there's something for boys, girls, and myself!

Added to the content is the great support and encouragement from the Facebook group. It's one of my favourite groups for inspiration.

Issue 13 of One Thimble releases  November 11 (unless you have a subscription like me, and have already been checking it out).  I highly recommend you grab yourself a copy.

post contains affiliate links. If you purchase a copy of the magazine having followed one of the links, I receive a small commission at no cost to you.  The opinions, sewing and fights with my daughter of what is a suitable hair style are all my own.


  1. That first dress is GORGEOUS, but who am I kidding? I love both of your versions! They're beautiful and show off the pattern perfectly!

  2. So pretty Kate! I love your versions! So stylish!!


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