Keeping toasty warm with some Sweet Cinnamon

There's nothing  like a bit of sibling 'love' to inspire some sewing. The So Sweet Cinnamon Sweater by Candy Castle Patterns.

Summer is definitely on the way, but we'll be travelling over Summer, and jumper (that's Aussie for sweatshirts - trust me) were on "need to sew as soon as I finish this" list over winter.

So when Rebecca put out a call to test a sweatshirt pattern in a fantastic range of sizes, I was keen to sign up, and start working on the holiday wardrobe.

Both versions are sewn up in sweatshirt fleece, and are super cosy.

The pattern has three options for a neckline finish - cowl, hood and cowl-hood (the two combined).  Both of these have used the cowl-hood.  My kids haven't really had any thing quite so cosy around the neck and face as these.  Despite the warm weather when we took these photos, they spent a lot of time burrowing their face into the warmth of the cowl.

The hood option has extension pieces at the front, so that the hood will cross over to keep you super cosy.

To add to the warmth there is a kangaroo pocket, and thumbholes in the sleeves.  I really like the construction of the pocket. It extends all the way to the side seams and bottom hem. So it's nice and big, and doesn't need a lot of extra fuss to put it in.

The thumbholes were a big hit with the kids. They haven't had tops with this feature before, and were quite taken with them.

Of course, the sleeves were pushed up for some serious shell collecting and comparing. No one likes sandy sleeves.

The pattern is a pretty simple sew. Everything lines up neatly and no fiddly bits to worry about. The biggest difficulty I had was getting all the layers at the neckline to fit under my overlocker foot - and there was one needle that didn't survive the process. But as with most things, if you take it carefully and slowly it's all good.

For my lean, long offspring, I added a bit of length to the body and the arms.  So we have a size 5 with size 6 length and size 8 with size 9 length (someone stop that boy growing!).  Adding length was really simple, and the pattern walks you through the process.

It's one of the things I love about sewing clothes for my kids, they can have things that actually fit!

There's a huge range of sizes in the pattern, from 18m to 14y. I'm tempted to see if I can fit into the largest size.

The pattern is on sale until Sunday 6th November, 11:59pm MST (mountain standard time - thanks Google!) with the code CINNAMON. So head on over the the pattern listing, and grab a copy now!


  1. The hoodies turned out great! I love a design with thumbholes.


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