I have now finished 2 pairs of Kanoko Pants.

Pair number 1 is now 'llama wear'. He received many compliments (from knitters and non-knitters) when he showed them off around town this week.

I will knit him another pair (at some point) in a larger size. Current pair only fit comfortably in disposable nappies (he's often in cloth), and at his current growth rate, won't fit him in the new year.


Yarn: Moda Vera Supremo (100% cotton). On special at Spotlight last year for some ridiculously small amount. It's a frustrating yarn to work with. Quite nubbly, and a bit raw, so even moss stitches are not easy.
Needles: 4.0 mm knitpicks options
Pattern: Kanoko Pants
Mods: Shortened the legs.

Pair number 2 is in my 'stash of knitted items for babies due next year'.

For this pair, I removed the things that frustrated me when knitting the first pair.

Same pattern & needles.
Yarn: Bendigo 8 ply cotton (much, much nicer to knit with, so smooth and soft)
Mods: Used a provisional cast on, and knitted in the stitches to form the casing at the end of the rib. Joined to work in the round for first 10 rows, so the waistband didn't separate. Chained the drawstring first, then inserted it into the casing as I knitted the casing together. Added two extra stitches to the cast on (so that rib edges would match), then knitted 2 together when I rejoined to work in the round at the end of the rib. Then with an uneven number of stitches the moss stitch would look nicer at the join. Lengthened the rise (waist to crotch) by 2-3 rows, and shortened the legs.

All up, I'm happy with the changes. And will use them when I make Llama's next pair.


  1. Oh, these are too cute! I rarely used disposables with my babes - I used to feel like such a good mummy hanging out nappies to dry!

  2. All of your llama-wear is fabulous!


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