Cast-On itis

My fingers are itching.

There are soooo many yummy patterns I want to knit.

But I've already got four projects on the needles (and one waiting to be blocked).
  1. The Man Jumper: Having fixed the shoulder cap, I'm having my third attempt at the sleeve (knitting the pattern as written, just for a change). Maybe the high likelihood of running out of yarn is influencing my reluctance to keep going?
  2. Fairy Floss: My current lace fix. An Estonian lace stole, knitted in wool I picked up in Japan. 13 pattern repeats down, 28 to go.
  3. Kanoko Pants: Stash busting with purpose! With Llama's frequent 'posseting', separates are the way to go at the moment.
  4. Woollen Soaker (pdf link): The plan for llama-wear this summer is singlet tops with funky knitted nappy covers (they look good, and keep the moisture in!)

So what's tempting me at the moment?

Campfire Socks

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Beer Cosies

Cabled Baby Vest

Garter stitch Baby Jacket

A crown

Maybe I've been spending too much time online, and not enough time on the lounge (with my knitting).


  1. I'm starting to get tempted by anything that isn't the Christmas knitting I'm currently working on!


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