Little Legs

Since we've brought our little llama back from the hospital the weather has been oh so changeable. I commented as such to my mum, and her (ever practical) reply was ... "Well that's Spring weather isn't it."

Trying to figure out what clothes I will wear for the day is often a challenge. Especially given the likelihood that I will need to change out of clothes that have been contaminated with some form of bodily fluid throughout the day.

Trying the choose clothes for the little one can be even more of a challenge*, and the chance of them becoming quickly soiled is even higher. A lot of his jumpsuits have long sleeves, but no legs. Great for nappy inspections, but that won't stop his legs going purple when the mercury drops.

The solution .... Leg warmers!
Knitted (of course)

And here is the pattern:

Little Legs

Needles: 3.25 mm dpns (or circs if they take your fancy)
Yarn: Shepherd 4 ply
Gauge: 12 sts (of K1tbl, P1 rib) to 1" worked in the round.

To fit legs with below knee circumference of 14 cm (a snug fit). Adjust the number of stitches as necessary for your gauge or required dimensions.

Rib Cast On: Basically cable cast on, but stitches drawn up knitwise then purlwise. Use a slip knot to create first stitch. Insert needle into stitch knitwise, draw through a loop and place on left needle (keeping initial stitch).* Insert needle purlwise (from the back)between the last two stitches, draw through a loop and place on left needle. Insert needle knitwise (from the front) between the last two stitches, draw through a loop and place on left needle. Repeat from * till you have the desired number of stitches.

Cast on 36 sts using rib cast on, and distribute over dpns. Mark beginning of the round.

Round 1: [K1tbl, P1] Repeat for round.

Repeat round one until leg warmers are 9cm long (or desired length).

BO 18 sts in rib, [K1tbl, P1] across remaining sts. Turn (you may want to place all the stitches onto one needle).
[K1, P1tbl] repeat to end. Turn.
[K1tbl, P1] repeat to last stitch.
Turn work to cast on 18 sts using rib cast on (starting with a stitch created knitwise), and redistribute stitches over needles to work in the round. Hint: I find having the first two stitches of the round on the last needle makes joining easier.

Work 3 more rounds of Round 1
BO all stitches in rib.

Weave in ends.

Work second leg warmer to match

*Except when the bulk are in the wash, and the choice is seriously restricted.


  1. Hey Kate,
    I'd like to place an order for some of those leg warmers for myself :-) They'd be perfect for pre-race warm-ups at KJ's winter races! I also believe your hubby would love some for winter cycling - a perfect complement to the lycra arm warmers ;-p Hugs, JR.

  2. They so cute on those little chubby legs. And they went down a treat at snb too, didn't they?
    love (100)

  3. These are fabulous Kate! The Llama is definitely the best dressed newborn in town.

  4. Thank you so much for this pattern! I made these 3 years ago for our grandson and was asked to make 2 additional pairs for our new granddaughter!! In the cold and damp of a Montana winter these are a Godsend.


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