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Life's been busy with a new baby to care for.* Just when I think I know what to expect, he does something different.

Amidst the never ending loads of washing, nappy changes and time spent watching him sleep (very easy to loose track of time that way), I have been able to carry on with some knitting ... Joe's jumper is progressing. One sleeve is around 2/3 done. I'm worried about the amount of yarn I have, so sleeves are being done before the rest of the body.

It's been ripped out once, to redo the shoulder/sleeve cap. And may need to be ripped again to change the shaping along the under arm. I've decided that this is not a project where I will carry on knitting in denial ... if it looks like it's wrong, or not going to work, then I'm going to fix it instead of carrying on (with my head in the sand), hoping that it will sort itself out.

And now for a photo of the singlet that I knitted. The armholes are way too big. But I reckon he looks pretty retro.

I've also managed to make a pair of Fleeglised Saartje's Booties for my cousin's baby due in early December. How exciting that I now have a model for baby knits.

*It hit home in the early hours of one morning, that we can't give him back or hand him over when we get sick of being parents ... we're the ones responsible! Not rocket science, but it took a while to totally sink in (quite scary).


  1. The singie looks soooo kyoot!!!

  2. He looks totally retro, especially with the booties as well as the vest! I'm so impressed that you're doing knitting - well, anything really!

    My main memory of those days is of being on the go all day, and then wondering at the end of it what exactly I had done all day...

  3. The singie is almost as cute as the model!

    I remember when it hit me that a baby was for life and you can't give them back... scary is about right!

  4. Hey Luv, sorry to say this is the easy part. Your little man looks pretty happy with his singlet. Cute booties too.

    See you saturday


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