Lesson Learnt

About a year ago, I finished knitting my husband a jumper (see here). It started as a labour of love, and finished with me swearing off Zhivago forever, and vowing never EVER to knit a men's jumper on 3.5mm needles.

As the memories of knitting that jumper are pushed quietly into the dim and dusty corners of my mind, I decided it was time to have another go at declaring my love ... in the sweaterly form.

The Big Thaw Pullover (Rav Link) is promising to be the antidote to Leo.

I'm knitting it in Cleckheaton Country 12 ply (on special at Tapestry Craft/Morris & Sons), on 6mm needles. It's progressing at speed. And because of the construction, I can try it on the recipient as it grows, to make sure that this time, the jumper fits! (I took a photo to demonstrate this, but the model indicated that the jumper looked funny, and insisted that it never be shown publicly).
So here's a photo of it all scrunched up, on our (very dirty) outside table.

Don't let the photo deceive you ... it's really a very black, black.


  1. I saw that jumper in person and like everything you knit, it's going to be a beauty!
    Thanks for bringing Jude in to see us, it made my birthday. Babies - yummm.


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