Pretty as a Peacock (well nearly)

That is, it's kind of finished. Here is the completed shawl having a bit of a block on the bed.

Only a bit of a block, mind you. I'm considering this a practice block. Not enough pins to sort out the cast-off edge, and scallopy side edges.

Currently my blocking equipment is limited to:
1 pkt flower headed pins
1 pilates mat
1 set of interlocking foam squares (that are getting more use as baby kick mats)
Beach towels
A bucket, and
Our bed (if the project won't take long to dry).

If I drop enough hints, maybe some blocking wires will come my way this Christmas, and I can stop worrying about the scalloped edges.

So until I have figured out how to give the shawl a firmer tug in all the right directions, it will have to stay partly blocked.

Pattern: Pretty as a Peacock

Needles: 3.5mm Knitpicks

Yarn: Not too sure - From Ailsa's stash, held double.

The colour is more accurate in the last two photos.


  1. Just wanted to say, mum and I were captured by your little man. He is too cute.

    I still cant get over his little leg warmers.


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