Problem Solved

I have been complaining much this winter that the tops for sale have stupid sleeve lengths. They stop just above the elbow, just below the elbow, just above the wrist, and anywhere in between. Finding long-sleeved tops to wear this winter was quite an exercise (luckily I did find some that I've been rotating through).

I decided that I'd had enough with all the complaining. And set out to do something about it. The answer was (of course) long fingerless mits. I settled on a pattern from one of the books I bought in Japan. After contemplating the pattern and figuring out what most of those Japanese symbols meant, swatching (that's right, I swatched!), switching hooks, getting halfway through the first one, before pulling it out (I don't have Japanese skinny arms and hands) they were finished!

I LOVE them! I think they're just a little more elegant than Fetching (I like to practise a royal wave when wearing them). The colour changes from grey to purple to brown depending on the light.

And so for specs:

Pattern: no idea what it's called, it's in Japanese
Yarn: Patonyle (a bit more than one ball)
Hook: 3.25 mm
Modifications: in the original pattern the elbow ends are more flared, as I've only decreased once (instead of four times). I've also added a pattern repeat (2 rows) between the thumb and the knuckle.


  1. Those mittens look so good! I love them.

    But I always love what you're knitting anyway.

  2. I really like these Kate! They look fantastic. I know I already left a message for you on Ravelry about these, but hey!


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