In Training and the Real Event

Last week was training week for the Ravelympics.
I have two projects tagged for the Ravelympics, Pomatomus, and a scarf/stole (just in case I could be super efficient and finish two off).
I wanted to knit a scarf/stole in some dk silk I had purchased from Knitabulous. I totally fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I figured it would make a lovely accessory to wear to my cousin's wedding, and help me feel a little less like a beached whale (I'll be around 35 weeks pregnant).
Initially I thought I might pick out a stitch pattern from my new book of knitting stitches (a yummy birthday pressie!), and tried one out on some left over cotton (figuring it wouldn't have much stretch in it, like the silk). It looked pretty good.

But the twist in the silk was not as tight, and I think a lot of the pattern was lost.

So that idea was scrapped (although I've kept going with the red swatch, I think it will end up as a face washer).

This week, I've been under house arrest. The cold I caught at the beginning of July is creeping up out of my chest, and is making friends with the brand new cold I caught at the end of last week. So I decided to listen to the doctors and accept the week off work.

This has meant that there's been quite a bit of time available for knitting. Here are pics of my two Ravelympics projects:

Pomatomus knitted in standard patonyle

The stitch definition is wonderful. And I used a k1 p1 rib cast on (found in a random book of Patons patterns) for a stretchy cuff.

and Veronik Avery's Lace Ribbon Scarf knitted in Knitabulous' hand dyed silk.

I think the colour is more like the blue in this second photo.
I keep switching between the two projects cause frankly, both patterns get a little repetitive after a while.


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