Ta Dah!

The Aran Sampler Scarf revealed! *

I REALLY love this scarf. It's knitted up in handspun courtesy of my uncle (what a lucky neice I am!), it's nicely rustic, and smells all woollen and eucalyptusy (mmm).

I also really love it, cause I designed it myself!

I charted the cables, and figured out how to move them around the fabric as I went. Hooray for lead pencils and graph paper. I even unpicked some bits to improve the flow of the cables from one section to another.

The photo below shows the grafted section of the scarf. If you pick it up and feel it, you can find it, cause I wasn't as careful with the tension as I could have been. But the variable texture of the yarn hides it pretty well.

At some point in the future (hopefully not too far away), I will sit down with the charts and write up the pattern.

And in aesthetic opposition to this lovely scarf is the most ugly sock I have ever knitted. But, twas for a good cause. My brother broke his foot, and ripped some tendons from the bone, so no normal socks for him this winter! I made this pattern up too ... just a basic ribbed toe-up sock, worked in worsted weight yarn to speed up the process.

* Sorry Mike, no jumper for you :)


  1. Your cleverness is unbounded! The scarf is gorgeous and the sock truly hideous but functional!
    Did your uncle actually spin the yarn?

  2. It's lovely! What a great idea, making it a sampler.

  3. Kate you are clever clever clever!! I love it well done! :-) Sharon

  4. Your soo clever, the scarf is lovely and its a good thing you charted it as you went so you can more lots more.
    I also loved your little baby singlet, I didnt realise how tiny it is til you held it up on Saturday.

  5. Did you get a ritten release for the photo depicting my foot??
    I don't remember signing one!!!!
    I might just have to getmy team of lawyers onto you......


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