Yesterday was a nice Saturday. Lots to do, but not too busy.

I started the morning mashing potato to make focaccia (an interesting but really yummy recipe).
While the dough was rising I popped down to the shops to stock up on some fresh veges, and replenish staple food stocks. I just love 'popping' down to the shops on a Saturday morning - not a big shop, just picking up items for use on that day.

Ingredients at hand, back at home I made a herb, rocket & blue cheese frittata (gotta eat that blue cheese somehow), sauteed mushrooms, chargrilled banana chilis and roasted grape tomatoes to go with the focaccia that was now proving.

Most of the cooking was finished just in time for the arrival of two of my sisters in law. We had organised a lunch date to watch Northanger Abbey (that had been shown on the ABC recently).

Corn chips and salsa at the ready, we sat down to watch and eat, pausing momentarily to clear more room on the coffee table as the food was distributed.

Northanger Abbey was so good that we decided to watch Mansfield Park as well (which wasn't so good). Joe got sick of the mess in the kitchen (I'd already cleaned up once, and was working up to round two), so washed up and repacked the dishwasher.

The rest of the afternoon was spent making a bookmark to give to a dear friend for her birthday ... the party was that night (nothing like a deadline to get things moving). I finished the tassel in the car, as we drove to Newtown. (forgot to take a photo).

Dinner was delicious Thai food, with a bit of a kick! We had a great time meeting Leanne's friends from her new church, and catching up with her and other friends we hadn't seen for a while.

We were back home by 10:30. Joe to rewind the hard disk recorder and watch the first stage of Le Tour. Me to read in bed for a bit, before turning off the light.

Pretty humdrum? Yeah I guess, but the kind of humdrum I like ... food, friends, fun. My kind of Saturday.


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