I feel clever

Can you guess what this is ???

Aside from poorly taken photos, that is (stupid sun going down early in winter).

It's two bits of ribbing that I've grafted together! My theory worked! It is possible!

I've been studying up on EZ's grafting technique (in the Knitters Almanac), and it's opened a whole new world of grafting. No more purlwise, knitwise off, knitwise, purlwise off for me. My favourite technique is now to have the live stitches on a piece of yarn that I pull out as I go, and join the two sections with their loopy bits top and bottom, sitting on my knee (or table if my back gets sore).

If you flip the sections over and rotate 180 degrees when you come to the purl section, it works out nicely. I'm sure there's a clearer way to explain it, but can't convert my head instructions into workable English at the moment.

So why have I mastered this amazing feat ?????

It's blocking at the moment, and I don't want to spoil the surprise....


  1. This looks great! Can you give more details about this technique for those of us who don't have her book?

  2. You really are very clever! No baby brain for you!


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