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Red, White and Pink

Welcome to my stop on Sewing by Ti's Red, White and Pink blog tour.

February - Valentines' month. The month of all things, pink and red and white, and roses and chocolates.  And this precious girl's birthday.

Soon our Miss 6 will be a Miss 7 (going on 17). I'm not sure how the 'birthday dress' trend started with this one. The first I remember was when she turned 4. The prospect of a Rainbow themed party was just too good an opportunity to miss. I made her a Peppermint Swirl Dress*, using solid poplins to make a rainbow. The year after was her Shopkins Dress (a La Tulipe in shopkins fabric that she still tries to wear). Last year was the Gingerbread Dress (base pattern was the Gabriella Fae by Sis Boom).  This year she isn't having a party (although she's still busy planning all sorts of activities) so without a theme to work with, I suggested red, white and pink, to work in with the blog tour, using the pattern where it all began - the Peppermint Swirl


What are skeggings???? They're what you get when you add leggings to a skirt (or a skirt to leggings). And they're totally awesome.

This girl loves her Steffi Skeggings, by Modkid. She's a big fan of skirts and dresses, but is not such a fan of sitting in a nice and demure fashion.

If there's a patch of grass, then she'll make the most of the cartwheel and handstand opportunities.

If there's something to climb, she'll be right up there.

So the Modkid Skorts and Skeggings are the perfect pattern for this girl.

Yep skorts - skirt and shorts of course. The pattern includes 3 different lengths. Full leggings cropped leggings (like these ones) and shorts length.

There are also 3 skirt types. This is the cross-over front. There's also a circle skirt, and a ruched skirt (already added to the sewing queue).

These skeggings pair beautifully with Modkid's Perfect Tee.  The cropped length is perfect for showing off these pants. But the sensible mum in me will be making more of the standard length.

The entire Modkid store is on sale for release. The code STEFFI2018 will give you 40% off the whole store until February 8th at 1:00 p.m. EST.


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