One Thimble Issue 18 Spirited Dress

It's always exciting to be able to share one of the patterns in the latest edition of One Thimble*, and Issue 18 doesn't disappoint.

The Spirited Dress by Candice Ayala is a winner with this daughter of mine.

It passed both the hug test - it gets hugged when she first sees it -

and the twirl test - as soon as it's on she HAS to twirl.

And boy does this dress twirl.

Which is why the bonus Underpants pattern is a perfect addition to the pattern. Because who wants to be thinking about being ladylike when there's twirling to be done.

The pattern includes a Queen Anne neckline. I just love the topstitching on the neckline. I wasn't sure about turning the corners with the double needle (when doing v-necks I 'overstitch' and unpick to join the vee). But I took it slow, and with a bit of persuasion could get it the corners sorted.

The pattern requires a nice stable knit (with no more than 40% stretch). This double ponte de roma was perfect.  The fabric was left over from a skater dress I made myself a couple of years ago. I had to do some very careful pattern placement to fit in all in the leftovers (and allow for stripe matching). I was feeling pretty pleased with myself for managing to fit it all in, until I went to sew my shoulder seams, and realised that there was a rather large chunk missing from the back.  I didn't have enough fabric for a whole new piece, so ended up piecing the back of the bodice.

I fabric glued the stripes in place, and basted before stitching, but despite a number of attempts couldn't quite get the perfectly lined up. But given the speed at which this girl moves, they're very hard to notice.

Because of the weight of the fabric, I stitched the skirt to the bodice using a lightning bolt stitch on my machine, as well as overlocking (serging) the seam. The stitches were starting to show/pull with just the serged seam.  I used woolly nylon thread in my overlocker loopers, and the bobbin on my machine for extra stretch.  I also used the differential feed on my overlocker to slightly gather the bottom edge of the skirt, making it easier to hem (my favourite tip for hemming circle skirts).

We're both fans of this dress. One of the many great patterns available in One Thimble Issue 18. You can buy the pattern individually (here) or make the most of the amazing value in each issue of One Thimble, and buy the whole magazine. Subscriptions are also available, for even more value for money - and a bonus print mini-mag

Don't forget to check out the other stops in the blog tour, this issue is full of fantastic patterns for women, girls and boys.








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  1. This version is so amazing Kate! I love it! and so glad she loves it too!

  2. Fantastic! Great work with the stripes!


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