Indu Pants

These pants are INCREDIBLE.

Designer Stitch* has released the amazing Indu Pants. They are super comfy and so amazingly stylish.

The pants are designed for a drapey knit fabric (think rayon jersey or similar), with 'wings' that can be positioned to suite the 'look' you're after.

For this pair, I used a poly jersey fabric I found on the clearance table at Spotlight. I fell in love with the bold 'framed' floral pattern.

They can be wrapped around from the sides for a 'smoother' line.

Or hooked up at the sides for a more drapey look.

I sewed these up super quick. With only 3 pattern pieces, they were pretty quick to cut and sew.  The slowest part was actually waiting for cool enough weather to try them on to check the length before hemming.

I must admit I struggled with the pattern placement on these. I didn't think it through, or spend enough time contemplating the implications of a line in the print extending across the back of the pants. I also wasn't as careful as normal, and didn't work on pattern matching the back of the pants. Unfortunately they're just enough 'out of whack' to irritate me. But there are two factors that work to their benefit - I generally can't see my rear end while doing the 'day to day' run around, and the wing across the back covers up the mismatched patterns (hooray).

I wore these pants on one of my usual 'days off' during the week. I had heaps of compliments. Lots of "nice pants". And from the people who know I sew "did you make them?" I was pretty cool to say, "yes, I made them myself"

But the best thing about these pants is that they are super comfy. As comfy as lounge pants, but so, so much more stylish.

The pattern is on sale for release. It comes in Australaim sizes 6-26 (that's 2-22 US and 34-54 EU). I sewed up a size  in the waist blended out to a 5 in the hips and rise.  

I highly recommend that you grab yourself a pair, sew them up, and enjoy the stylish, comfy amazingness.

*This post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I receive a small commission at no cost to you. The sewing and opinions are all my own.


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