The Bonn Shirt

I can see a new staple in my summer wardrobe. The Bonn Shirt from Itch to Stitch *

I have noticed recently that I am gravitating more and more to garments that I have sewn myself.  Partly because there a few more of them than this time last year, but mostly because they're clothes in the colours and fabrics I like, made to fit my body.

I am in love with the fit of this shirt. The sleeves are wide enough for my 'powerful' upper arms. There's plenty of room for movement around the arms and back.

It's long enough that I don't need to worry about it riding up.

The cut at the front isn't too revealing, and I love the look of this collar.

This version is sewn up in a mystery fabric I rescued from the op shop (thrift store).  It has a rather open weave, like a linen. I thought at first that it was some cotton synthetic blend. But it creases as soon as you look at it, and takes a good deal of heat when pressing. So I think it's more of a straight cotton.  Either way, it's cool and floaty and oh so comfortable.

I have a soft spot of Itch to Stitch patterns, having tested the Lisbon cardigan earlier this year (here's my post). The detail that Kennis includes is just amazing. And the techniques are all spot on. I think of it as 'proper sewing' - no cutting corners, and it shows in the finished garment.  I also purchased a copy of the Belize Shorts (but haven't sewn them up yet) - I think Bonn and Belize might just work quite nicely together.

I was a little nervous about sewing up a semi-fitted woven garment for myself. I have a few more lumps and bumps to take into account than the kids. But I didn't have to make many alterations to the patterns for fit - just widen the hips a little.  And the ease built into the back means that I didn't need to worry about my sway back and large/high bottom (I'm blaming that on the bike riding, not the chocolate after dinner).

If you do need some help adjusting the pattern, there are a number of tutorials on the Itch to Stitch blog. There are some really useful tips and techniques that can help give a professional finish to your sewing.

There are 4 different options for the sleeve. This is the flare sleeve. The other options are a short sleeve, a 3/4 sleeve and a long sleeve.  The sleeves are beautifully finished - make sure you check out all the tester photos to see how they look - they're in the pattern release post on the blog.

I can't wait to make up some more versions of this shirt, and maybe even a dress. It will see me through from Summer to Winter with a change of fabric and sleeve length.

The pattern is on sale for it's release (20% off). And as an extra bonus, if you buy two or more patterns there is an additional 15% off, at the Itch to Stitch Pattern Shop.

Itch to Stitch Bonn Ad 300 x 300

*This post contains some affiliate links. If you click on a link and purchase an item I will receive a small commission.  I was provided with a copy of the pattern for testing the garment.  All opinions are my own.


  1. beautiful top! I love the sleeve and collar details. I have never sewn an Itch to Stitch pattern, I might need to give it a try after reading your rave reviews!


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