Into the Kosmos with The Eli Monster

The Eli Monster has released another gorgeous dress.

Say hello to the Kosmos Dress.

The neckline and shoulders are a little different.

The dress is a swing style - a-line straight out from under the arms with a rounded hem.  There's a facing at the bottom that could be interfaced if you wanted a bit more stiffness.

This version is in a basic woven cotton, but imagine it in corduroy, drill or duck, the skirt would keep its flare.

The original version is designed around a planet and a moon reverse appliqued on the skirt of the dress.  The cool thing with sewing patterns is that you can change things around a bit. Add as many circles as you want. Big circles and little circles.

Have you spotted the pockets yet??? (yep more sneaky pockets).

These aren't quite so secret. The smaller circles are the pocket openings.

There are a few cool techniques that Steph walks you through with this pattern - bagging the armhole, reverse applique, using a facing rather than a folded up hem.

It's safe to say that this will be one of the favourites this summer.  It passes the Mum test, with shoulder and back coverage for sun safety, and plenty of length for a 5 year old girl. Although bike shorts underneath will probably be a good idea.

Because it also passes the 5 year old girl test - excellent for running and jump, and climbing around.

The dress is on sale for US$7 (normally US$9) through to September 8, from The Eli Monster.

And to finish, I have to add just how much I love this fabric. What could be better than a geometric rainbow print????


  1. Such a cute dress!! Love the fabric you chose. And - bike shorts...always the bike shorts! Lol - my kids refuse to wear any dress or skirt without them now :)


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