The Sötnos Shirt

May I introduce the Sötnos Shirt from The Eli Monster.

Steph has taken a raglan shirt and really stepped it up a notch.

The pattern has three options. 
The basic (unisex) - straight up and down.  (as modelled beautifully here)

The high-low - an a line flare, out to a hem that dips down at the back. 

And the tunic length (also more feminine, but currently sitting in pieces next to my sewing machine).

The key features of this patten are the facing a round the collar, a button up placket, and hem facing in the a-line style. I really love how they make the top that but more special.

The kids were quite taken with the shirts, and loved the button feature. Mr 7 spent done time figuring out how and why the placket was to the side, and not in the middle. Even the run of hot weather we've had (Autumn is nowhere to be seen) didn't dim their love for their new shirts.

This version is made up in a waffle knit with cotton Lycra facing.  Any chance to use the trimmings from the alien fabric is great.

And the blue flowers are a stretchy but stable knit of some kind or other (purchased one time when Spotlight decided to group fabric by colour not type). The facing on this is a double ponte.

This pattern is great for using up those extra small pieces of fabric that are too small for a sleeve, but too pretty or cool to pit in the bin. 

The pattern is available in sizes 18 months to 12 years. And can be purchased 3 ways. There's the Basic Sötnos Shirt, the Girly Sötnos Shirt or The Complete Sötnos Shirt which has the basic (unisex) and the girls options all in one handy package.


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