The Erica Skort

I am on a bit of a skort kick at the moment.  It's been an exciting summer for Miss 5. Just after Christmas she learnt to hang upside down on the monkey bars.  Then for her birthday her grandfather replaced one of the broken swings on the backyard play equipment with a trapeze bar (with rings). Added to that she's started to figure out how to do handstands and cartwheels. 

She's still a fan of dresses and skirts. So when the opportunity to test Funktional Thread's new pattern, the Erica Skort, it was an opportunity too good to miss. And in honour of the new pattern we have a new skill .....

No hands (cue conflicting worry and admiration from parents).

I was a little nervous going into this test, as I was assigned the shorter length, and so far most of her dresses and skirts have hit somewhere around the knee. But I was pleasantly surprised. There's a nice amount of 'pouf' in the skirt (only a small amount of twirl), and it doesn't seem short on her at all.

Which is one of the reasons I like pattern testing. Getting pushed outside of my comfort zone, and trying things I might not normally give a second glance.

Speaking of comfort zones - this girl is pushing mine with her acrobatics. 
I'm pretty sure this was a cartwheel

And this one was a handstand

Of course the Frozen fabric was a big bonus when it came to how much the skorts are loved. This has been either on her body or in the wash this last week.

The pattern has quite a few options. This is the yoked version.  There is also a tiered skirt (3 gathered tiers), and a pieced skirt (16 panels around). All three have the option of two lengths - just above the knee (shown here), or a longer version. The size range is from 12months to 12 years. So there's a lot of value packed into one pattern.

The pattern is available from Etsy and the discount code KW30ERICA will give you 30% off the price

And one more picture before I go. A smaller version, with the pieced skirt, that I've made for my niece's birthday. She's not a fan of skirts. But I'm hoping if we call them Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Shorts, then she might agree to wear them.


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