The sewing I have planned in my head regularly exceeds the amount that is practically able to be accomplished with all of life to deal with as well. Which is why I have piles and piles of fabric just waiting to be converted to new and wonderful items.  There is fabric in there that I purchased over 2 years ago for the express purpose of making myself a comfy t-shirt for summer. There's also fabric cut and ready to sew into a really cute top .... just as soon as the next lot of deadlines (many of which are self imposed) stop rushing by.

So it was a strange moment the other night when I got up from the machine, and realised that I had just sewed myself a new t-shirt.  It was a muslin for a pattern I was testing for Little Finch Patterns (The Easy Tee). So I was thrilled when I tried it on. It was a perfect comfy fit. Even better, although it was (and still is) wearable, it was just the muslin. Meaning that there was another top in the works.

So now I have two new t-shirts. We're having a run of hot humid weather at the moment, and these are PERFECT! The panel across the back makes them just that bit more dressy, but the fit is relaxed and comfortable - just right for warm weather.

The lace panel in this one was taken from a dress my grandmother had given me. Don't panic, she was partway through turning it into a skirt, and thought I might like it. The lace is taken from and overlay on the bodice, so I'll still end up with a skirt one day (did I mention how long it takes for me to sew for myself).  The pink and purple snakeskin fabric is a knit rayon I picked up at spotlight a while ago (when it was on sale). It was going to be a dress for my daughter, but I think it's adjusted to it's new role quite nicely.

So what about the pattern???  This is a SERIOUSLY quick sew. The back panel can be knit, chiffon, lace or whatever your want. There's plenty of ease in the pattern, so I wasn't too worried about using a non-stretchy accent.  This neckline is just folded over, but there is an option for a neckband. I'd normally go for the added neckband, but figured a folded neckline would look neater with the lace panel. There are also three different bottom hem/length options: standard (as you see here), high-low and tunic length - I have plans for all of those. And finally, there is the option for 3/4 sleeves (unfortunately my arms would even allow me to contemplate that given the current temperature).

So if you're feeling like you never sew yourself anything, or a looking for a tshirt that's comfy, but with a little bit of something special, this could be just right for you. Available from Little Finch Patterns - The Easy Tee.

PS. Little Finch Patterns have a Facebook group too.


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