Brandt Shirt

More sewing for my boy. I'm thrilled he's still willing to wear clothes that his mum makes. I'm making the most of that.

This time round, the Brandt T-shirt by Kelly J Designs.

First version in some stripy double knit and super stretchy cotton lycra. The double knit is kind of layered. You can see the two layers joined every couple of rows when you cut through it. Hopefully nice and warm for winter time.

Next up .... lime green aliens

I found this fabric at Hobby Sew, prepackaged in a 1m cut. It's amazingly soft and nicely stretchy with a lovely drape and good recovery.

Unfortunately, as is often the case with a printed pattern, the print was a little off the grain - especially when coupled with knit's tendency to twist. I could get the aliens to line up horizontally or vertically, but not both.  In the end I fudged it as much as I could, trying the get the grain sorted most of all.  I figure kids are generally moving around so much it's hard to tell if a print's a bit wonky.

This is a wonderfully quick sew. There are options for hemmed sleeves and bottom, or banded. Or you can mix it up, and have a bit of both.

The neckband crosses over at the front, giving you the warmth of a turtleneck without the 'chokingness' (chokyness?)

I can see a lot of these being made this winter. I have plans for kitting out miss not-quite-five in some suitable for under her winter school uniform tunic.

The pattern's available via etsy or craftsy, in sizes 3 months to 10 years. The size shown is a 7. And Kelly has set up a facebook group over here


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