The problem with buttons

I have 2 blue cardigans sitting with my stash. They're sitting with the buttons I (eventually bought) to sew on them. One has been sitting there for over 12 months now, the other for only 3.
I just don't like sewing on buttons.

It doesn't take me long ... I sewed four on this top while feeding the (no longer particularly) little llama this morning (ie less than 10 minutes)

Do you like it?

The cables aren't as sproingy as in the pattern - to be expected when you knit in bamboo/cotton. But they don't look too bad, and it was a quick knit (except for the buttons).
Yarn: Patons Serenity (bamboo & cotton)
Needles: 4 mm knitpicks options
Modifications: None.

The most frustrating thing about the pattern was the number of ends left to weave in. If I thought about it more, I could have avoided a few. But by the time I was weaving in the last ends, I had to be careful not to try and weave an end under an end (and hence have an end pop out).

Also off the needles are these bootees (booties?). Really quick (and no buttons).

Yarn: Adrafil Floris
Needles: 2.75 mm Harmony dpns
Modifications: None
Comments: Doing a toe up cast-on on dpns is really tricky (but doable if you're persistent)

And finally

Wrist/ankle rattles. The bells are worked in as part of the knitting, so relatively secure. Just a couple of rounds of twisted rib, an easy morning's work.


  1. With bells on his fingers and bells on his toes, he shall have music wherever he goes.....

  2. Very cute your baby shoes. Beautiful color too.

  3. Such adorable baby knits! I love the wrist strap idea - very cute!


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