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After a run of baby boys, my friends and relations have started to produce little girls.
Time to break out the oh so pretty pink yarn.

This lovely stuff was handed to me by someone who had acquired it from someone else etc etc. I'm glad it ended up in my hands. It's lovely and squooshy and soft, and oh so elastic! I never thought I'd like a crepe yarn so much.

There's some blue balls still in the bag, so looks like little llama gets some Superfine action too.

Also pink is my current 'long term lace project'.

I started this when I finished the Pretty as a Peacock shawl. I honestly think it's the perfect project. It sits happily with it's cone of yarn in a large ziplock bag ready for me to grab as I head out the door (along with the other bags of nappies, spare clothes, toys, blankets etc).

The lace panel in the centre is made up of an 8 row pattern. To be repeated 41 times. So I don't even need to pack the pattern! I'm up to my 32nd repeat, so will have to start concentrating soon .... the nupps are coming.


  1. It looks so pretty!

  2. That pattern looks soo lovely. How are you finding the time. I always felt like I was "waiting" when I had my first baby. Waiting for it to wake up, waiting for it to eat, to sleep, etc.


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