The room that houses our computer somehow manages to be the coldest in Winter, and the hottest in Summer. Fed up with emerging from a knitterly net session with icypole fingers, I dug around in my stash for some yarn and cast on Fetching.

Having knit some fingerless mitteny things before, I established the basic ground rules that they were to be a dark colour, and not have little fluffy bits coming off all over the place.

Here they are unblocked.

That's not a dark colour colour I hear you say.

No it's not, but it's a very nice colour to have some fun with wool dye.

Here they are dyed and blocked. Yum.

and yum again.

I dyed the mittens in the microwave after knitting up, so that I wouldn't have a whole hank of yarn in the one colour - so many options! The colour isn't totally even, but I like the effect. They're a little greener than they appear in the photos.

Pattern: Fetching (Knitty Summer 06)

Yarn: Some DK I picked up from a strange little store in NZ. No idea of what type of wool it is. I suspect some lovely spinner collected the fleece from the store, spun it up, and took it back to be sold on. The colour was a natural cream, that isn't quite even.

Needles: 3.5 mm knit picks options (dpns for the thumbholes).

Comments/Modifications: I added an extra 5 stitches (one cable/rib) to each mitten as I was using smaller needles. Also added 2 extra stitches to the thumb to make sure there was plenty of room. The length was adjusted for the smaller needles too.

Having finished a project on Tuesday evening (at the knitting shop), and without the pattern for the other item I was knitting. I cast on a singlet for the llama.

No pattern (as yet) - made it up as I went along. Measuring it up against some Bonds singlets it should fit a newborn. I might have to track one down, and double check.

I like the way the cables move across the fabric, like diagonal lines.

I'll post the pattern shortly.


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