Still Alive

Though the general lack of posts may have you believe otherwise. Why have I been so quiet???

Short answer ... I've been busy.

Long answer ... With most of the 1st trimester tiredness a thing of the past, I've been making up for 'lost' time. Things just kept happening, and I kept saying, yeah, I'll go along.

Amidst Girl Guide camps, youth group meetings, trips to Sydney, baby shower, making of appointments and many other things I have packed into the last week or two, there has been some time for knitting.

I finished off the knitting effort for my friend's baby shower ....

Hat pattern adapted from one I found in an old bootie pattern book. Knitted in Patons Dreamtime and Cleckheaton Merino Bambino (using up left over balls of baby yarn). I changed the pattern from a flat piece to circular, adapted the stich number and height to suit the yarn used, and used a three needle bind off to finish (no seams!).

Jumper knitted in Panda Woolbale, originally purchased to felt wine bottle coolers for Christmas last year (a great project idea, that was never fully realised). I had to unpick and reknit the basque at the bottom of the back to finish the second sleeve. I love baby's knits in 8 ply ... so speedy. Nevertheless, the ends of the jumper were woven in at the shower - nothing like leaving something to the last minute.

And finally a cardigan that was knitted last October, but was waiting ever so patiently for buttons.

"Dashing Root' as she has been christened, is languishing in a bag, waiting for ends to be woven in and blocked (still).

I'm working on a cardigan that will be suitable for maternity wear. Unfortunately I didn't notice the 'patience required' written at the top of the pattern.

There's one more project on my needles, but all about that next post.


  1. Hi Kate, glad to hear that you are "still alive". I've been a bit quiet lately too. Keep on knitting....


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