I blame it all on hormones

The exhibition last week was lots of fun.

I spent Saturday afternoon sitting in the sun/shade chatting, knitting and eating all manner of goodies.

I forgot the camera.

Not to worry I was heading back in Sunday morning - for as long as Joe could amuse himself in Warrawong (about an hour), I'd take some photos then.

I forgot the camera.

Back up plan .... take a few photos on my phone, they can sometimes be passable.

I totally forgot to take photos.

So I returned home kicking myself (not literally) for having no photographic record of the event. Not a single snap to post on the blog.

I blame it all on the pregnancy hormones.

I'm now 13 weeks pregnant. Due in November - winter maternity knitting for me, cotton singlet knitting for bubs.

I wonder what else I can blame on those pesky hormones ....

PS. If you still want to see photos of the exhibition, head over to Knitabulous. She took some wonderful shots.


  1. If forgetting the camera is the most ditzy thing you've done, you're going pretty good!

    Exhibition was fun wasn't it? And your news! Excitement plus!

    BTW I've got your pretty blue shawl, I picked it up by mistake on Sunday afternoon. Will bring it to second Tuesday..

  2. Anything and everything can be blamed on pregnancy hormones. Very convenient really, and then when the baby is born there are a whole new set of hormones to blame, so you are right for excuses for quite a while.

  3. Wow how fantastic, a baby for you and Joe....congratulations.

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! :) I pray for your pregnancy to be a stress-free, easy and the delivery to be smooth and drama-free!

    God Bless you and your family. :)

  5. Yay! More baby knitting! Luckily I have stocked up on cotton yarn! Congratulations to you both. How exciting!


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