Baby Knitting

And the answer to the number one baby question .......

"No I haven't started knitting for the baby yet."

These gorgeous items are for my friend's baby, due in June (not too far away now).

She's really, really lucky. If it wasn't for the speediness of these patterns I may not have been able to part with them so readily.

Catching up on other projects finished a while ago, but only just having photos for:

The completed Aran Scarf .... yummy.

A cable beannie (rather belated Christmas present), knitted in double strand of handspun alpaca that I picked up on eBay a while ago.

The pattern is from one of my Japanese books. I learnt quite a bit in the process of knitting it (twice). How to tell what is the needle size required (the main reason I had to knit it twice), what the Japanese characters for provisional cast on look like, how to read the charts (not too bad), and how to tell the instructions for the hat from those for the matching mittens.

My current project is a new cardigan - for me! Chosen especially to keep me warm when a large tummy will get in the way of most other warm clothes (I reckon it won't look too bad when I'm normal-sized too).


  1. hello. I found you through "Ravelry".I saw that you made the 2 needle cable baby booties. I'm attempting a pair but I'm getting stopped on the part where it says:"Thiss section is the top section of the bootie." I'm having a hard time figuring when to slip, turn, etc. Can you help? I am home4ed through "ravelry"


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