The Sights of Japan

Okay, here's the non-knitting post ... aka trip highlights (only the non-knitting ones)

I've uploaded the best photos to Flickr here.

1. Eating random foods from little stores in Asakusa (Tokyo)
2. A ladybug watch - the wings fold out to reveal the timepiece (v. cheap, so they don't 'snap' into place any more).
3. Handwarmer sachet things
4. Kobe beef shabu shabu - absolutely delicious (but not cheap - thankyou to my parents who paid for the meal)
5. Stepping out of the back door of the hotel, onto the ski slope
6. Powder snow that was so light, and soooo deep, that you got spray in your mouth from as you skied.
7. The amazingly helpful bus driver who figured out we wanted to go the 'Monkey Spa', and when we needed to change buses, jumped off his bus, held the second bus for us, and told the people at the ticket window what we needed. WOW!
8. Getting close to the monkeys, and watching them bathe in the thermal springs.
9. Figuring out that 2 packs of sugarfree chewing gum (chewed in succession) work as a laxative when you're nowhere near a chemist.
10. Finding the Indian restaurant that serves up the best and biggest naan bread I've ever seen.
11. Buying crampon-style thingos for walking shoes, so you don't slip on the snow/ice.
12. Eating from a bento box on the Shinkasen.
13. Eating udon noodle curry wearing a bib .
14. Heated toilet seats with control panels to operate the various functions (some included a 'flushing sound', that would run for 25 seconds)
15. Spotting inflatable mushrooms 'hidden' around the ski fields (as par of a competition - we think)
16. The hotel in Tokyo holding on to the new foundation that I'd managed to leave in the room.
17. Having a new camera to play with (at a very good price)
18. Exploring the food markets in Kyoto
19. Knowing that a train will leave at the scheduled time (not a minute before or after).
20. Spending a good holiday with my husband, parents and brother.


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