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I've hit a bit of a rough patch knitting-wise lately. Kind of caught in between projects. I know there's stuff that I have to knit - for friends' babies, exhibition etc. But it makes it so much harder, cause it doesn't always tee up with what I want to knit.

At the moment I'm knitting a salad (ready for the exhibition in April). I jelly dyed some 4 ply, and have been experimenting with increases and decreases to get the most lettuce-like leaves. Really, it's been a good process, especially to see the effect of the position of increases on how the leaf turns out. No pictures now. You'll have to wait till the exhibition.

Ready to jump on the needles is a hat - belated Christmas present for my friend - and I think a baby's vest (for a friend who's due in June). I started a 'snuggle' (jumpsuit), but there have been quality probs with the yarn, and I'm not looking forward to the back, so it's resting at the moment. But isn't the stitch definition lovely ...

Finished are Joe's socks (a day late for our wedding anniversary)

A baby jacket

And upsized Saartje's Booties

Also resting is a bit of a folly - Jeanie knitted in cotton, on 2 mm needles. It was a good pattern to take to Japan, nicely repetitive, and no seaming to deal with. Given how long it's taken me to knit 15 cm, I think this will be a 'long term' project.

The blanket is also finished, and is currently on display in the US. I'll publish photos when it arrives safely back home (hopefully in time for winter!).


  1. Doesn't look like much of a rough patch to me.

    All beautiful as usual.

  2. I agree with Knitabulous, looks like you have been very busy and productive!

  3. THe socks are great, the baby clothes so cute and that scarf is just beautiful. Looks like you are pretty much knitting through your rough patch.


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