Japan - The knitting

We didn't spend much time in big cities. Ten of the 14 days were spent in a ski resort (that was rather isolated). By the time you take away travel times, we ended up with 1 day in Tokyo, and 1 day in Kyoto. Added to that, there were 5 in our group (me, husband, mum, dad, bro), so traipsing around the suburbs of Tokyo to find yarn stores was not and option.


We did make it to Shinjuku, one evening. Dropping the men off at the camera store on the ground floor, my mum and I headed up to the 6th floor of Kinokuniya (mega huge book store), to look at knitting books. She bought a book on crocheted lace (even though she declares she hates crochet - it was that nice!). I succumbed to 3 - one on Aran knitting, one on crocheted accessories, and one that was a mix of knitted and crocheted tops, gloves, hats and such.

So I had books, but no yarn. I was okay with that. I'd expected as much. The next day we were in Kyoto. Keeping warm that afternoon, we wandered into Daimaru (department store). On the top floor was the craft section, where we found some lovely ladies who tried to help us (my mum and I that is, the mend had wandered off by then) figure out fibre content of the various yarns. My mum walked out with a bag of kid mohair blend, in the the most brilliant, rainbow colourway. I had settled on a cone of fingering weight (or thereabouts) wool, but happened upon some slightly finer balls of wool (poss. merino) in greenish tones that melted my heart.

Here's a pictorial summary of my crafty finds ....

1. My latest three books, 2. Cardigan that's now in my queue, 3. Oooh a hat!, 4. Mmm I like this hat, 5. Cool bag, 6. Great Christmas gifts, 7. Packaging for the fabric I bought, 8. Bento box, 9. Fabric all folded up, 10. Pink cone, 11. Yummy green, 12. Dangly dolls


  1. It looks and sounds like you had an amazing trip in Japan. I'm especially jealous of your "crafty finds". They really do have some cool stuff in Japan don't they. Great photos too. It was great to see you and Joe at Yum Cha too.

  2. Your trip sounds great, how is that ski run a few posts back, breath taking.


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