Happy, Happy

Joy, joy.

I've finished my chemise. I have to say that it's the knitted item of clothing that I am most happy with. I like the colour, the fit, the style, and the cost (all up <$15). Cause it's cotton, there's no itching either.

Joe was kind enough to take some photos - in between showers (I'm sick of all this rain!).

Yarn: Yarn Bee Cotton, Varnished
Pattern: Eyelet Chemise, Interweave Kits
Needles: 3.25 mm


  1. That is amazing! Great job!

  2. It looks gorgeous!

  3. That is beautiful, and a lovely colour on you.

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love those garish 70s patterns from book fairs as well!

    Beautiful chemise - the fit really is perfect! Did you have to adjust the pattern at all? I got some Yarn Bee cotton from Spotlight on sale, and am hoping to find a use for it soon.

  5. It looks great, very nice colour.

  6. Kate! This top looks amazing on you, and I just have to say, yours looks much better than the original. Looks like you made some mods to the bottom section.????

  7. Hi, I saw you at knitting club on saturday but didnt get to talk to you. I think you chemise is great very beautiful.

  8. Gorgeous! You did a great job.


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