Don't tell my brother ...

That I'm using his laptop to blog about knitting (well, mostly holidays).

We're having a great time in Japan. Nearly time to go home.

After a few days in Tokyo, we've spent the last 9 days at a ski resort near Nagano. There is so much snow! It just keeps snowing and snowing. There's no choice but to ski powder (I'm not complaining). The other day it was so deep I was eating the spray that was rising up in front of me.

Knitting wise.... I've been working on the second of Joe's Boyfriend socks. I never realised how much bigger his feet are than mine until I had to knit him a sock. I've also been plugging away at a version of Jeanie - done on much smaller needles, in red cotton.

Photos and more details when I get back. For now, there's this ...


  1. Kate, I promise I won't tell your brother! What a magical picture, sooo beautiful. Amazing what nature just goes and does, isn't it?


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